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“Academicians and Experts to Yangzhou of Year 2015” activity was held and “Yangzhou Academician and Expert Advisory Committee” was established
Update time: 05/21/2015
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On April 28, Jiangsu Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Nanjing Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Yangzhou Municipal Government jointly held "Academicians and Experts to Yangzhou of Year 2015" launching ceremony cum “Yangzhou Academician and Expert Advisory Committee” establishment. This event aims to promote the innovation of Yangzhou construction, accelerate the innovation development strategy, and establish a new think-tank. This activity organizes the academicians and experts to serve Yangzhou innovation and development, serve transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and serve government decision consulting. 

16 academicians including Min Naiben, Zhu Zhaoliang, Xue Yusheng and Ben de attended this trip to Yangzhou. Mayor Zhu minyang of Yangzhou City, Party Secretary Chen Huijuan of Jiangsu Provincial Association and Vice President Yang Guishan of Nanjing branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.  

"Academicians and experts to Yangzhou" has become one of brand activities to promote the progress of enterprises in Yangzhou city. Since 2008, Yangzhou City has for eight consecutive years carried out this activity, and invited 79 academicians and 218 experts. They solved problems and gave advice and suggestions for economic and social development. 60 academician workstations were built and a large number of high-level research cooperation projects were landed, which resulted in significant economic and social benefits. 

This activity has become an innovation an important carrier of Yangzhou construction, and is not only welcomed by the grassroots and business, but also fully affirmed by the Yangzhou city leaders. 

(Information source: Nanjing branch of CAS) 

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