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CAS Vice President LI Shushen Visited Academicians in Nanjing
Update time: 03/28/2018
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On January 30, 2018, CAS Vice President LI Shushen visited five CAS academicians in Nanjing, accompanied with YANG Guishan, President of Nanjing Branch, and ZHU Huaicheng, Vice President of Nanjing Branch. The five CAS academicians are Prof. FENG Duan, Prof. MIN Naiben and Prof. ZHENG Youliao from Nanjing University, and Prof. ZHAO Qiguo and Prof. ZHU Zhaoliang from Institute of Soil Science, CAS.


LI Shushen firstly sent his best wishes to the academicians for the coming year. He expressed his thanks for their outstanding academic achievements and contributions. Then he learnt the details about their physical conditions, and sent heartfelt wishes for their good health and happy life. The five academicians thanked CAS leaders for their warm care and hoped to make greater contributions to the development of science and technology in future.


LI Shushen also paid an inspection visit to Nanjing Branch, CAS on the afternoon of January 30.



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