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Signing Ceremony for the Establishment of Nanjing College Between UCAS and the City of Nanjing
Update time: 05/03/2018
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On February 25, the signing ceremony for the establishment of Nanjing College between UCAS and the city of Nanjing was held in Nanjing Chilin Innovation Park. CAS Vice President and UCAS President DING Zhongli, Secretary of the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee ZHANG Jinghua and Mayor of Nanjing LAN Shaomin attended the meeting.


ZHANG Jinghua firstly thanked the Chinese Academy of Sciences for its long-term support for the economic and social development, as well as scientific and technological progress in Nanjing. He said that Nanjing has deepened its cooperation with CAS and has made positive progress in various fields such as construction of major national science and technology infrastructure projects, establishment of new R&D agencies, production-education-research cooperation, etc. Nanjing hopes to deepen the cooperation with CAS, especially in the construction of the new campus of Nanjing Branch, CAS as well as Nanjing College, UCAS in Chilin, so as to make greater contributions to its social development.


DING Zhongli then expressed his gratitude to Nanjing for its long-term support given to the Chinese Academy of Sciences in various fields. He pointed out that the institutes of the Nanjing Branch of CAS has developed rapidly and made important breakthroughs in the exploration of dark matter, the soil remediation, the application of nanotechnology and the development of advanced medical equipments, etc. Besides, nearly 200 innovative carriers of all kinds have been built and over 1500 projects have been carried out. The construction of the new campus of Nanjing Branch, CAS as well as Nanjing College, UCAS in Chilin is very significant to the development of Nanjing Chilin Innovation Park. It is also of great importance to both CAS and the city of Nanjing, and will certainly promote more scientific and technological achievements in future.



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