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Three scholars assuming CAS visiting professorship
Update time: 06/05/2017
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Prof. Glenn A. Brock from Macquarie University, Australia, Prof. Oliver Lehnert from University of Erlangen, Gemany, and Dr. Anisimova S. Anatolievna from Institute of the Earth’s Crust of SB RAS, Russia have assumed their CAS visiting professorship in this May.  

Prof. Glenn A. Brock’s cooperative research project in NIGPAS is “High resolution chronostratigraphic correlation and palaeobiogeography of Cambrian animal life between China and Australia”, with Prof. Oliver Lehnert’s project is “Ordovician climate change: the trigger to the GOBE” and Dr. Anisimova S. Anatolievna’s project is “Paleontological studies in the Siberian and Tarim cratons”. 


Three scholars assuming CAS visiting professorship

杨群所长向Oliver Lehnert教授颁发证书

Director YANG Qun from NIGPAS issued a certificate to Prof. Oliver Lehnert

杨群所长向Glenn A. Brock教授颁发证书

Director YANG Qun issued a certificate to Prof. Glenn A. Brock

杨群所长向Anisimova S. Anatolievna博士颁发证书

Director YANG Qun issued a certificate to Dr. Anisimova S. Anatolievna

               (Information Source: Nanjing Institute of Geology and PaleontologyCAS

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