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President Speech
Update time: 01/14/2013
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Along with the establishment and development of Chinese Academy of Sciences after the founding of PRC, the opportunities brought by reform and opening policies to CAS as well as the successful practice of CAS knowledge innovation project in the new period, Nanjing Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences has a history of nearly 60 years, who has formed an academic unique style and a profound cultural tradition. Astronomy and geological research of institutes of Nanjing Branch enjoys high reputation both at home and abroad, and in recent years, CAS-Provincial cooperation and the establishment of new institutes have injected new vitality into Nanjing Branch.


For more than half a century, under the leadership of CAS party committee and the direction of Jiangsu provincial party committee and provincial government, Nanjing Branch continuously strengthens the construction of leading group, guides institutes to formulate development strategy based on national demands and future trends of disciplines, follows the development path accord with Chinese situation and directs the work of institutes with the idea of “Realism, Truth-seeking, Cooperation, Innovation”, by which institutes realize sustainable development in the tide of scientific and technological innovation. With unremitting efforts of generations of scientists, research institutes of Nanjing Branch have made brilliant achievements, formed thick innovation atmosphere and expanded the science and technology talent team. We firmly believe that, with the help of all aspects and our own efforts, Nanjing Branch and its institutes will achieve the new goals of innovation.


In recent years, according to the requirement of our country’s economy and society, Nanjing Branch actively promotes the transformation of scientific & technological achievements of CAS in Jiangsu and Jiangxi province, and CAS-Provincial cooperation is developing rapidly. Nanjing Branch gives full play to the integrated subject advantages of CAS, encourages the cooperation between CAS and locals, and carries out various docking activities. At present we have built two new institutes in Suzhou, established an energy center in Lianyungang, set up five transformation&industrialization center in Jiangsu, and founded nearly 50 achievement transformation platforms. There are more than 1000 projects of CAS carried out in Jiangsu and Jiangxi province, which have produced great economic and social benefits. Nanjing Branch will continue to explore new ideas of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and turn them into real productivity better and faster.


The construction and development of Nanjing Branch have got wide support from Chinese Academy of Sciences, local government and the society. We are looking forward to deeper cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and scientists, looking forward to cooperation between all research institutions of CAS and Jiangsu and Jiangxi province, looking forward to more contacts with local governments and enterprises, looking forward to more research achievements transformation and industrialization in Jiangsu and Jiangxi province, and looking forward to continue support of Nanjing Branch. Nanjing Branch will make new contribution to promote scientific and technological innovation and sustainable economic and social development!

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